Wednesday, 21 May 2008

'Workshop Exercise' for lazy buggers

Step 1 : read a sonnet to your computer (in a foreign accent) using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
Step 2 : sit back and enjoy.
Step 3 : edit, if you must, and submit to magazine of your choice.

There it is

Sister had become lost too.
Listen here. So she was.
Journalists faced the guard to risk blue:
see our editor's. He had it serious,
now I remember having to pursue has beens
to whom I played as in a guest snack band.
The smaller uncashed cool went too
and briefly mouldered on into the light.
Esther Puente did enough with my game
aesthetic silence and then you quietly came
to put blights. You made a line of rice
upon my creepy head. Say the rest
now integrated darkness and small night out
your Kennedy, a second-hand theme must quiet.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

More related to things on your last blog, I know, but thought you would still enjoy these.

Cheers from down-under.